Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Adelynn- 8 Months

I'm posting this 8 month update just a tad late, Addie turned 8 months this past Friday, but this Saturday marks the same amount of days that she has been out of my belly as she was in  (35w5d) so I thought I'd just post this in the middle of the two dates.

Typically when I write these updates I feel like not much is different, but this past month we have seen a HUGE difference in the little sugar plum fairy. She's been babbling up a storm, and she has SO much personality. She's really acting like a cute little person now instead of a cute little blob.

She is constantly loud and laughing.

She smiles any time she sees someone, and waits for us to come into the room when she wakes up by scooting to the furthest corner of her crib and pulling her bumper down so she can see over it. It's the sweetest thing ever. But she also uses this against Colby and I sometimes and tries to spy on us! Haha

She likes to (we like to make her) dance!

Addie is now eating two meals a day in addition to nursing every few hours. She absolutely loves to eat! But she is still very little. 15 pounds! She loves everything. So far she has had oatmeal, apple sauce, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, yogurt, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, cheerios and has nibbled on some pasta. She is a great eater and is very independent but stays very clean.

 She also always has water with her meals and LOVES it. We got her this Camelbak water bottle because she was having a hard time with a sippy cup and this works great! ... Even though it's almost as big as she is.

Still hangin' on to those grayish eyes

She also loves mine... which pretty much is as big as she is.

And she's finally sitting up on her own! She still a biiiiit wobbly but she's got the hang of it now. She also can get halfway up from a laying down position into a sitting position and is very close to being able to crawl! AHH!!!

She loves to read, loves her swing, finally, and loves to chew on everything.


 She also loves her daddy more than anything I have ever seen.

Here are 2 short videos of them. Make sure you're sitting down, your heart may burst.

And even though TECHNICALLY she barely missed the cut, she just got her two bottom teeth in the past 3 days! So I'm just gonna throw that out there even thought it should TECHNICALLY be in next month's update. She did awesome! And has been sleeping great since she got them out. Maybe we can start sleeping great now, too!

We love you Sugar baby, and are so proud to be your Mama and Daddy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adelynn- 7 Months

Little Sugar Girl is 7 months today. But before I talk about her, I want to recognize the importance of this day (September 11th) and remember those who passed away so unfairly 12 years ago. I cannot imagine the pain the families had to endure, and continue to endure daily because of the selfishness of others. I remember how united we became as a people and how quickly that faded. Do you remember where you were? How you felt? Don't ever forget. I am so thankful for my freedoms and I hope our country (and our world) will move forward to become much better than it is today. We have a lot of work to do.

Onto some less heavy stuff though...
(If you follow me on Instagram, I've already posted 99% of these pictures, nothin' new here this month!)

Addie now weighs 14 pounds, and seems huge to me. Even though she is still basically the size of Logan's Pooh bear:

She can officially sit up unassisted, but still needs her hands on the floor to be confident.

She started solids! Sort of. My mom and I were out to lunch one day and she literally grabbed a piece of honeydew off of my plate and started chowing down! So I just let her

and then decided to try to give her some bananas which made her extremely constipated. So we are taking a little break and then will start her on some high fiber foods since her little system didn't take it well. I'm all about baby-led everything so I'll just let her tell me when she's ready again.

Started teething pretty hard this month and chews on anything she can. We got a Baltic Amber anklet for her but I don't know if it's helping. We finally got her some Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets and they work great, thank goodness for that!

She picked up a new trick:

She loves to smack me in the face with her nails that always seem to need a trim, she laughs a ton, loves her daddy more and more every day, and is so healthy and happy. She is such a blessing.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Way Cheaper Than Marriage Counseling

See this right here? This is how Colby and I communicate with each other in front of the kids when we are angry-ish. Not actually angry, I guess... but playfully angry? Perturbed, annoyed, etc

One night when I was just about out of patience and Colby wasn't paying attention to me, I drew a knife on a napkin and threw it at him to get his attention. When he opened the napkin and saw what was there we both cracked up and it lightened the mood.

Just a few days ago I was doing something that apparently irked Colby and he drew the above knife (dagger????) and slowly and quietly walked around the table to me, gently placed his hand under my chin, and ran the napkin across my throat. I looked at the napkin and died laughing. 

This may come off pretty morbid to some of you, but I don't really care because it's hilarious! It's a fun way we can get a point across to each other without yelling, or getting heated. The kids will never hear us fight because we will just secretly be stabbing each other in the heart, back, or throwing the napkin at each others faces if it suits the occasion.

Typing this out really makes it sound like we have issues... but... the napkin actually solves all of our issues so... go ahead and draw yourself a knife or two and feel better. Bam.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our Big Two Year Old

Be still my heart, my baby boy turned two this past Sunday.

It's been quite a while since I've posted an update about this little man, so this one is going to be a long one! I have to make up for the past six months. 

Since you last heard about him, he has had some pretty big changes.

He now speaks in 1,2,3,4 and sometimes 5 word sentences. His longest that I can remember was when I offered him some dinner and he said while wagging his finger, "No Mama! No like it anymore, OKAY?!" He also says," I love you so much!"

He commonly says, 
"See you later (insert person's name he's talking to)"
"Yeah, sure!"
"I'm so happy to see you!"
"Hi Logan!"
"Sister!" "Sugar Girl" "Addie girl" "Mimi girl" "Where's Addie/Addie girl?" "Shh, Addie's sleeping!" "GET HER!" Etc.
"Mama, help you!"
"Hold you!!" (Instead of "Hold me"--he doesn't have his pronouns down yet)
"I see you!"
"Oh yeah!"

And a million other things. He repeats EVERYTHING we say and has an amazing vocabulary as well as comprehension. 

He loves to be silly!

Stealing cookies before dinner!

 Walking like an old man! Probably my favorite silly thing he does.

He loves to color, he loves music, and absolutely loves to be outside. He loves to cuddle with just about anything and everything and is recently very interested in Winnie the Pooh (mostly Tigger, but all of the characters), Cat in the Hat (Dr. Suess) and Elmo.  He LOVES reading, and singing and dancing.

("Cow jumping over the moon")
(Singing the ending of a Tangled song (He's singing from 1:25 on))

He weighs 27.5 pounds and is 34 inches tall.

He basically only likes to eat eggs and smoothies. He's too busy for anything that he needs to sit still for. And he has recently refused to sit in his high chair anymore.

 He loves to pray, specifically over his meals.

  (Grateful for shooting stars! What a sweetie!)

And although he doesn't love to eat, he sure does love to cook!

He sleeps so great for the past few months now. (Always with his blue blanket!) He usually does 12-13 hour nights and a 2-3 hour nap everyday. 

Wants to be just like his daddy! (Which I am juuuust fine with! Love that man!)

One of his favorite things to do is walk around in our shoes. We can't leave any of our shoes out or let him get into our closets because he immediately puts them on and trips all over the house. 

 He is a great helper, and loves his sissy poo so much! (He calls her, "Sugar Girl!")

 He is becoming increasingly more independent everyday which makes me happy and sad all at the same time. He has more compassion than I have ever seen in any other child, and has the sweetest, most kind and sensitive spirit, but he is also free and easy-going. I have loved these two amazing years with him and I could never imagine my life without him. I have been blessed beyond measure. he has taught me true love and patience and calmed my anxious soul more times than I could possibly count. Logan Sterling, you are my everything!!! I love you forever!